How to act?
A.C.T. Demo[k]racy

2014, Eindhoven, Onomatopée

Softcover, pretty much completeley full color, 504 pages
16,2 x 23 cm

Art Contribution Transmission
Contributing, among other participants: Anca Simionca (RO), IRWIN (SL), Marko Stamenković (RS), Raša Todosijević (RS), Dan Perjovschi (RO), Charlie Jeffery (EN), Jeroen Doorenweerd (NL), Paul de Bruyne (NL), Joëlle Zask (FR), Julien Berthier (FR) and Larys Frogier (FR).

Coordination project: Charlotte van der Werf
Graphic design project and publication: Pierre Martin

Made possible thanks to:
The European Cultural Foundation
The municipality of Eindhoven
All project partners!


HOW TO ACT? is a dynamic extension of the A.C.T. Democ[k]racy project. It post-produces the exhibitions, conferences and residences fostering exchange of thought, inventing and representing the democratic changes of Europe in a nearby future through pan-European creative exchange. Living documentation consisting of photographs, critical and poetic texts, political cartoons and more, open up the project’s outcomes for artistic and civil acts to catalyzing inventive and collaborative democratic building, together with united art actors who are pushing for European action on the fringes of the art world in order to drum up a heartbeat of lively European cultural exchange.

The Art Cooperation Transmission Democ[k]racy project brings together seven institutional players, more than forty artists and around thirty researchers. Combining residencies, seminars and exhibitions, “A.C.T.” shifted its base from Rennes (EU) to Eindhoven (EU) and will move to Cluj (EU) and Belgrade (EU).

When artistic practices offer the conditions for emancipation, they define the place and the moment for the implementation of a democratic practice. Establishing a critical and experimental community on Art and Democracy in Europe, gathering over than thirty multidisciplinary researchers, involving many artists and even more students, “A.C.T.” brings you, from January 2012 until June 2014, three seminars and one symposium on education, freedom, urbanism and poetics. Through these themes, the conditions for intellectual and artistic emancipation within European Democ[k]raci[es] will be explored.

The withdrawal into separatist identities which is taking place in many European countries, is an alarming symptom of a crisis of democracy within Europe. The partners of “A.C.T.”choose to promote Art as a critical space in the fundamental debate on the future of Democracy: recognizing the importance of freedom of creation, while questioning the training methods and the anchoring of the artists’ work in social space. This project is passionately in favour of movement, exchange and openness to stimulate free circulation of ideas and artworks and to broaden European cultural life.

A.C.T. Democ(k)racy PARTNERS/HOSTS:
- La Criée centre d’art contemporain, Rennes, France
- Kulturni beograda Center, Belgrade, Serbia
- University of Art and Design in Cluj, Romania
- European School of Arts Bretagne - Rennes, France
- Altart Foundation, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
- Fabrica de Pensule, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

This programme is supported by the European cultural foundation.

Onomatopee’s contribution to the project is supported by the municipality of Eindhoven.